A Decade-Old Democratic Claim

For years, Democrats have been twisting Republicans’ positions to claim they want to “privatize” Social Security and risk your retirement on the stock market. The latest distortion: Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz claimed Jeb Bush supported his brother’s plan that would put “Americans at risk of losing their retirement savings with the ups and downs of Wall Street.”

THIS WEEK IN NEW YORK CITY: MoveOn Launches Member-Funded “SchumerMobile” Mobile Billboard Rebuking Sen. Schumer’s Opposition to Iran Deal


The mobile billboard launches on Monday outside Sen. Schumer’s office. During the week, it will visit iconic New York City landmarks and the offices of six New York Democrats who have yet to announce whether they will support the historic nuclear agreement with Iran.

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MoveOn reaction to news that Trump, Cruz will hold joint event opposing Iran deal

MoveOn.org Communications Director Nick Berning had the following statement:

“Just days after learning Dick Cheney would make a major address opposing the Iran deal, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are now stepping up as leaders of the effort to start a war with Iran. If Democratic senators and representatives needed any more clarity on whose leadership they’d be following if they oppose this deal, they now have it.

Rubio’s Shaky ACA Hypothetical

Sen. Marco Rubio described a hypothetical Detroit business owner with 10 employees as facing higher costs under the Affordable Care Act, saying the man was considering moving one employee to part time to “save … a significant amount under Obamacare.” But a business of that size isn’t subject to the law’s requirements to offer insurance to full-time workers or pay a penalty. And the fictional employee in question would likely qualify for Medicaid.

Surprise! Get Assaulted, Call 911, Get Evicted … By Order of the Police

When Nancy Markham called police on her abusive ex repeatedly, she never thought it would lead to her eviction.

This piece originally appeared at Refinery29

Last August, Nancy Markham was shocked to learn that she and her children were about to be evicted. It wasn’t because she couldn’t make rent or because her children couldn’t keep the noise down. It was all because she called 911 when her ex-boyfriend, waving a knife, refused to leave her home in Surprise, Arizona.

Cruz & Crosses

Sen. Ted Cruz set up a false bogeyman when he said the Supreme Court is “one justice away” from ordering that crosses on tombstones at Arlington National Cemetery be torn down.

Nobody is even asking the court to do such a thing. And in fact, the group that sought removal of a cross from formerly federal land in the Mojave Desert — losing the 5-4 decision to which Cruz referred — strongly supports crosses and other religious symbols on government-issued headstones at Arlington and other military cemeteries.

Huckabee’s Spin on Iran

In arguing against the Iran nuclear deal, Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee spins the facts.

Huckabee said “no American aircraft would be able to get through” the S-300 surface-to-air missile defense system that Iran plans to install. U.S. military officials and arms control experts dispute that assertion, including one expert who tells us Huckabee is “exaggerating.”